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Back again

-->Hello my zero minions

It's always nice to know that no one is listening to you when you're drunk. Gives me confidence that I can wake up tomorrow and know that I haven't offended anyone.

I have spent today writing and making pizza. But not cleaning. Pizza isn't has hard to do as I thought. Writing on the other hand drives me insane as much as it keeps me sane. It's not fair sometimes.

So now it's 1.30 am (approx) and I've had more wine than I should have and am listening to the dodgy collection of music I have compiled on my computer. STP being one of those bands. If you don't know who STP are than you're probably too young to read this and I should have put up a disclaimer. I'm too drunk to write anything decent and too drunk to be in love.

My thing (still) has been killer whales, great whites and dolphins all expelling themselves with great force from the confines of their watery world into what most of us would call the air.

-->!! Makes you feel weak and small, but empowered all the same.

So It Begins

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

So It Begins

Well, never would have thought of myself as a blogger. Not much for the reaching out to people I can't see. I like to have people in front of me when I talk. In saying that, I am partial to reading other blogs. And find some of them particularly fascinating and informative.

Mmm, so where does that leave me. I have lots to impart, only not sure that it's going to help any one, entertain any one, or keep any one on the edge of their seat. Might piss a few of you off... I am extremely opinionated, hate many things and like to ramble when I'm drunk.

Okay, as this is my first blog, I'm going to tell you a little insy bit about myself. I write full on (epic three vol.) fantasy fiction. Love the stuff. Play'd drums at the Big Day Out 2004. Heavy, punk, rock'n'roll, metal. Love it all. And yes, you may hear me quote some of my favourite lyrics in the blogs to come. Still reading....? Enjoy cooking, especially deserts. Anything chocolate, anything challenging. My god I love physics and trying to prove that god doesn't exist. Oohh, I know I've lost a few of you there. Did I mention I love to drink. I get it from my parents. It's really not my fault. Really!

Okay, last thing before I leave it all for another day. Um, let me think. Okay, got it. If you do anything this week worth while doing, make sure you look up great whites (sharks) jumping out of the water. Holy Crap are they awesome. And scary! Okay, that's it. That's my advice for this blog.

If you got this far, thank you. As I bite down nervously on my knuckles I prey to the atoms and electrons that you will return to be eventually insulted by something I say. But as you did get this far I know you're okay and will take it on the chin. Maybe even bite back... hope so.

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