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Stepping out at Continuum

Writers, in general, like our solitude. It allows us to sit for long periods of time alone, in front of a computer to write. But to say we're completely solitary creatures, or that writing is a complete solitary craft isn't true. We constantly need to refuel our creative tanks. How do we do that? In so many ways. One of my favourites is the convention scene. 

The weekend just past saw a flurry of authors and fans come together in Melbourne for Continuum 8. It was a fantastic event with lots of fabulous authors from whom to gain inspiration from and lots of wonderful people to connect with and have a laugh and a glass of wine. I caught up with old friends and made new ones.

Sharon Phillips, Jane Domagala (me), Helen Stubbs, Cheryse Durrant, Louise Cussack
I had several favourite moments during the con including the scene writing workshops with Alison Goodman and the fight writing workshop with Alan Baxter. I also loved the panel about writing different gender, sexualities & cultures with Louise Cusack among others. I thoroughly enjoyed the many readings – one of the more deliciously disturbing ones coming from Kaaron Warren and her severed, grey finger with the red nail polish. Two highlights for me were the launch of Jason Nahrung's novella, Salvage, and Kathleen Jenning's Ditmar win.

Me and Jason Nahrung
Kathleen Jenning's and her octopi
Although it's a sad affair when the con ends and everyone goes their separate ways, it's also great to return home full of inspiration and ready to sit for hours again in front of the computer. So on that note, I'm off to create some more fantastical world. See you soon at the next con...
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